Garage Door Torsion Spring

Looking for torsion spring experts in Kitchener, Ontario? Whether your home spring is broken or not, our team can help you. As a professional service provider, our Garage Door Repair in Kitchener ON can fix, replace, adjust, and install all residential spring systems. The time of our response is quick no matter what the problem with the spring is. If your torsion or even extension springs for that matter are not in top notch condition, there will be operational problems. And not just that. Your safety will be questioned as well. Terrible accidents might happen if springs are not replaced when their lifespan is completed or when they are in bad shape. So call us to take care of your garage door torsion spring Kitchener needs today.Garage Door Torsion Spring Kitchener

Need torsion spring replacement? Contact our Kitchener team

We offer same day garage door torsion spring repair in Kitchener. Call us if you suspect any spring issue or can’t open the door. When the door won’t open, it might also be a problem with the opener. But if you try to pull the door open manually and feels too heavy to pull, the spring is most likely broken. And that’s the good side of the story. If the spring breaks while you are standing a few feet away, it might cause fatal accidents. And that’s why you should let our expert techs check the spring’s condition often and replace it should its coils are worn. You should also call us to repair and replace garage door extension springs too.

Either spring type is too tensed for your own good. And that’s the way it should be for your garage door torsion spring in Kitchener to open and lower the door. But you shouldn’t interfere with its service. Whether you want to replace or fix it, ask our assistance. Our pros gear up to minimize any possibility of accidents during the service and have the experience to release spring tension in order to replace the spring. But we can also add tension in order to keep your spring going. So do call us if you need garage door torsion spring adjustment too.


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